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So I recently got in an accident(with a 2000 pontiac bonneville sedan) right off of County Line Road & Illinois 43(aka South Waukegan Road) in Northbrook, Illinois.After I realized how much damage my car had taken to the right rim and front bumper(plus my radiator was cracked so the car wasn't capable of being moved) I decided to call a towing company, which I did and personally couldn't deal with myself because the estimates were way too high.

So Leonard's Towing (located at 401 Sheridan Road in Highwood, IL 60040.....Phone #: (847) 831-2600 & (847) 432-0374) came and handled the mishap that I unfortunately encountered that night around 1030pm and when I got the receipt for the job they had done my reaction was beyond bedazzled on how ridiculous it was.

I had gotten charged a total of $400 for a job that I called a few companies in the area the next day for said would cost me between $100-170.

The fees which I still have to get figured out included: $175 for a towing charge, $35 for a labor charge, $55 for an overnight storage charge, $35 cleaning charge???, and a $100 Winch charge???(isn't that part of a towing companies job???.Anyhow I highly do not recommend this company if you have any towing needs!

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